Workflow and Services

At Syndicate Studio we match your individual tastes with a suite of full-service graphic design and illustration services. With a unique approach, we align with every detail to make impactful visuals and raise your brand awareness. Want to make an improvement of your designs and develop your brands becoming unique and more valuable? work with us.

Project Work Range

Scope of the project

the client provide clear brief include rough idea or sketch.

the client provide visual sample of worh that they want to get done.

the client provide detail about the timeframe.

starndart timeframe on single project is between 5-10 working days.

our studio provide 3 revisions on each project.

Price and services

1. there are two type of pricing on our studio
A. Available Work
B. New Custom Work

On available work and new custom work the price is devided into three package
1. singe purchase
2. bundle 5
3. bundle 10

There are two types of license that client can purchase

Commercial use non exclusive & Commercial Exclusive License.

A. Commercial use non exclusive, it means that the client can use and produce product from the design but the copyrght still belongs to our studio, and we can use or re sell it the design in the future time.
B. Commercial Exclusive License, it meant all the rights belon to client, and hey can use it for any personal and commercial use,and our studio can not use or re sell it again in the future time

Special bundle work

A. bundle available work 30 designs.

B. bundle custom work 30 designs all those bundle has 30% off price.